Mike you have delivered not a Good book, but a Great book. Well set out , logical, great quality, great presentation, great advise and thoughts. Fantastic. I WILL be recommending “Mixing With Your Mind” to my friends and co. I particularly liked the Red Ribbon page marker, classy, and can see it now…… in years to come, groups of people reading from your book , “….. brethren, please open todays reading from Chapter Ten , Page 149. From the gospel according to St.Mike of Maximum Illusion….” OK, well maybe not, but the book sure looks the money. In all, well done.

GD – Sydney

bullet1Things have definitely gotten better around here since I got your book.
I have vastly improved in panning, eq, and compressors. My reverbs are getting there, my ears seem to be sharper now than just a few weeks ago.Clients are getting happier. Thanks thanks thanks!

JP – Little Rock AK USA

bullet1Hi Michael!

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I’m enjoying the book 🙂 It’s fantastic !! It’s concise and edited down to the bare minimum in the best way- it assumes the reader has been doing this for a bit so there’s no babying the reader and going into the most basic things (it’s refreshing) and yet it DOES contain the most basic things! I guess many of us have the basics wrong haha.

It really contains information that I consider to be ‘game changers’. I think I have easily a good year’s worth of work and application ahead of me to cover this stuff. It really feels like having a mentor around. I can’t wait to go searching for my first Piece of Air. 😉

Just today I tried to apply the A.R.R.T. concept while compressing a vocal … It was the strangest thing- I was compressing more in terms of gain reduction than I probably
ever have allowed myself to normally, yet it sounded more open and alive and present and dynamic than ever!! It sounded like a record 🙂 The dynamics were sweet and under control and didn’t sound over compressed at all- and this was on my first try !

Anyway thank you!

MD – Longueuil, QC, Canada

bullet1I’m reading your book, and really enjoying it.

I’m so glad you don’t have a digital copy as I would have bought it, and would not have been able to enjoy the lovely physical object that it is, so thanks. (I really like the built-in book mark – so awesome!)

MD – Ormiston, Qld

bullet1I was concerned about the price of your book, but the promise of being able to “crack compressors” seemed worth the risk. Well, I’m happy to say that not only your compressor setting techniques removed the fuss related to that tool, but each and every technique I’ve tried from your book has both put a smile on my face and resulted in an “expensive sound” with no additional gear! Nothing else like this book on the market.

BC – Washington, DC USA

bullet1Hi Mike, Got your book late last night.

Couldn’t get the box open. I think the book would have been unharmed if it had been run over by a train. No way could I rip the package open as fast as I wanted. I already have plans to modify my studio monitoring set-up. The book couldn’t have come at a better time. I intended to read as much as I could…and I did….but that was only up to the first section on setting up speakers. The book is perfect for me. Looks great too.
Thanks, Merry Christmas, All the best in the New Year (what a start!!!!)

JB – South Australia

bullet1Hi Mike, Book Arrived …

Fantastic, I had a Do Not Disturb sign hanging off my forehead for the whole evening!  Cheers,

MB – Nelson, New Zealand

bullet1I’m 19 years old and an aspiring recording/mixing engineer.
I read through your book in a matter of days. I found it very addictive and interesting, I could not put it down !

SP – Ontario, Canada

bullet1International Super Star  FUN QuickTime clip

Click here to view this 30 sec movie

AW – Agra India

bullet1I recorded my first trumpet today, using The Flame technique, … I had a beautiful full brass sound that
made my hairs on the back of my neck raise 🙂 
Thanks again Mike.

SP – Essex, England

bullet1Hi Stav, I got the book in yesterday and had a quick skim.
I can already tell that the approach is unique in the way it encourages thinking about results before trying to achieve them. So much advice in mixing reads like a laundry list of gear to acquire and settings to use, and all of it ignores the countless decisions that are made in every aspect of mixing.

But what I didn’t expect is the quality of the book itself – it’s beautiful! You should really include pictures of the product on your website; the short explanation doesn’t do it justice!

DF – San Diego

bullet1Hi Stav,

I just got your book. I have to say this is simply amazing!!! Thank you so much for deciding to share this information with us. I am recommending it to everyone I know, both here and OS. Thanks again for such inspiration. It isnt just your knowledge. I think the killer point is how you put it across. Kind Regards,

TC – Clayton, Victoria

bullet1I received my copy of MWYM today and didn’t get off the couch until I devoured every word. From first page to last it’s absolutely BRILLIANT!!! In my twelve years of studying the art, science and techniques of recording and mixing music, MWYM is by far the best thing I’ve ever read.
It’s smart, surprising, exciting, eye opening, and in places, downright sneaky and slick.   And it looks good, too.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. My mixes will never be the same. You changed my world.

DW – Kelseyville, CA, USA

bullet1I’ve already received the book and can’t put it down. Awesome!Cheers,

CL – Ashfield, NSW

bullet1I think you have blown my son away…all he could say was….

psycho…psycho…   he just kept saying, ‘look at all these secrets…its going to take me ages to go through this…..’
I wish you all the best, thank you for your service, Bye

LR – Freemans Reach, NSW

bullet1G’day Stav, quick line mate… the book is a ripper. Worth every penny and your section on how you yourself go about setting up compressors alone is worth it.  Very very very good reading for us backyard sound junkies.
Thanks for taking the time and making the effort. I hope you make a motza mate coz I know you’ll never break even based on hourly rate.  All the very best and bring on the next book! :-

MM – Adelaide SA

bullet1Yes, basically as soon as you pointed out how I should use my ears
my perception increased dramatically…. the ‘hand hair test’ is pukka

SP – Essex, England

bullet1I am more excited about getting your book than I am to getting my new Pro Tools system!

I have just seen so many comments on the Mackie Forum about your book that I cannot contain my excitement.

Thanks, SP – Essex, England

bullet1Hi Mike, It is true that ever since I was a kid whenever I received awrapped package or present that I was incredibly patient when opening it. This was not the case when the two Mixing With Your Mind books arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I tore into the bubblewrap (with moderate care to not damage the books themselves) and held the ice cold hardbacks in my hands … fresh off the press, and fresh off the back of the postman’s frost covered truck … so I was pretty happy yesterday, to say the least.   Good Comments:

Love the hardcover!
Love the weight!
Love how it feels in ones hands!
Love the foreword!
Love the illustrations!


(But there was never any doubt about that as far as I’m concerned)!
To sum up though, surely
the best-ever present I could buy myself and my mate for Xmas.

Thanks heaps and have a good Christmas,

VS – Tirol, Austria

bullet1…about your book…like everyone else.. I couldn’t put it down…it’s better
than I had expected! Can’t wait to try some of the Techniques you talked about in my recordings!
Thanks so much for writing the book!

JH – Brisbane, QLD

bullet1  I would pay twice the price for this book!

DA – The Gap, Queensland

bullet1Stav, Just got your book this week and what a delight it is!
It’s rare to find someone who can talk about the poetry and the pragmatics of recording like you do. In this increasingly compressed world of digital recording (i.e. where everything begins to sound the same)
you’ve got me enthused again! Thank You!

AY – South Yarra, VIC

bullet1Dear Stav,  Today, I recorded a band for the first time since we spoke.
Everything you told me, I put into practice. The phase relationship between mics, finding the flame and angling mics away, going for bass definition…. Just everything.  It sounded fantastic. How much better do drums sound when the phase relationship is working??? Guitars now sound really warm and nice and professional. yum!
yadah yadah….
Bottom line is, clients are happy,I feel better than sex
and the recording sounds great!

Just wanted to share the joy with you because after all, if I didn’t spend 7 hrs in the metro, I’d still suck.
Thanks mate,

PS – Melbourne Studio

bullet1Hey Mike,  got your book yesterday. I stayed up all night reading. I finished it. I will start over this evening or tomorrow. I cant thank you enough for writing this. I love it.

This is going to sound like a stretch but hear me out. I am not a religious person. But if I was I would choose Buddism. I just like it. Whenever I read Buddist philosophy I feel like I am reading what I already feel, I have just never put it into words. Your book is like that to me. I find myself going “yea, yea, that’s it” over and over. I think my favorite thing so far in the whole thing is one simple line.
“listen to anything other than what you are adjusting”
I love that. 
Again thanks. I could go on and on.
I think I am definitley an obsessed sound balance engineer!


bullet1Hey Mike,

So I started in on a tune that is part of a fusion/jazz project. I went by the method in the book and I love it.
I dont ever want to mix any other way.
I really found the tip on setting trims useful. This alone seems to make for a very nice starting point. I didnt use hardly any eq. I even managed to eq the snare with the pan knobs of an electric guitar and alto sax that are both playing the melody. I went into mono and turned off one of my speakers so I could hear real mono.I really made myself not sweep eqs and could feel how the A/B method teaches freq recognizition very fast. After one time using this method I feel more confident about hearing freqs. I have been good for while now at catching freqs cause I’m a monitor engineer for a live sound company. But its a little different to listen for freqs within a mix then just catching the one that wants to or just took off in a wedge. However. Your method has already made it easier to catch the freqs before they take off. Anyway….Part of me wants to buy 50 copies of your book and hand them out. The other part wants to get a safe and lock it up!

JP – Little Rock, AR USA

bullet1Hi mate,  I love your column in AudioTechnology!! The article on compression a few issues back gave me a new and better way of setting them, my mixes are sounding fatter than ever!!

DA – Surfers Paradise, Queensland

bullet1Stav, Thanks for your excellent articles in AudioTechnology. They have given me such confidence that my ears are alright after many years of live engineering.


bullet1I just wanted to say I have only recently this year hooked into your articles and wow!!! Man you really know your stuff!!!! The article on secrets to compression. . . Lets just say that ARRT has saved me lots of time and taught me so much more about the art (oops pardon the pun) of using compressors… Cheers, Your most recent article on the art of mixing
has answered my prayers again.
Your gonna save me heaps in time –
And that means money in this business eh. . .but most importantly is my sanity. . .thanks again. . .

TC – Tauranga, New Zealand

bullet1Hi Michael,  I have become an ardent appreciator of your columns in AudioTechnology.
After 20 years of mucking around with 4 tracks, getting a degree majoring in audio production and generally stumbling around and discovering things by accident I finally feel like I am getting a REAL audio education.
I have a pile of magazines a metre high photocopied articles from text books 200mm thick and none of it (although very useful as an educational tool) has taught me what you have revealed to the masses. I was wondering how some of your colleagues feel about the secrets you have revealed so publicly.
As I have worked through your tutorials my engineering abilities have been improved greatly.
I have come to believe that for me the greatest joy as an audio engineer is to capture the performance and present it as a recording in the best light possible.
You have helped me form this desire into something that has become a tangible thing.
Unlearning some bad habits has been difficult but the new methods that replace the old are straight out revelations. Well that’s enough unbridled praise. I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge.

GH – Yamba, New South Wales, Australia

bullet1I especially liked what you said about mixing the vocals,
I have already tried it. It’s cool.

CP – Sydney, Australia

bullet1Hi Mike,  I used a few of your drum techniques recording an average client this week & I was shocked … my snare was fat & the toms were in my face! I had so much more control! Thanks, thanks, thanks, there is sooooo much more to experiment with 🙂


bullet1I was reading one of your articles, the art of mixing part II in AudioTechnology issue 17. And, was instantly impressed by it’s simplicity. Last night, I went into the studio with this article and handed it to my studio buddies, then we went straight to work on the EQ technique, within five hours the difference to the mix we are working on was amazing. Every article I’ve read of yours there has been something new learned which has been easy to apply, in fact
in the studio we have four small bits of paper stuck to our computer monitor that read – Listen – Imagine – Guess – Compare, just to remind us. We use this principle on everything in the studio, whether it be EQ, compression or synth programming. You have a very concise way of writing, a reason, an explanation and then a solution, no bullshit to work through. We also have these words on pieces of paper stuck to our monitor, not bullshit though.I have just bought some books and if yours were out, it would have been in the bag.I have read many books and articles about music, be it about compressors, EQ, effects or synth programming and have found the most important thing to be the basic technique. For instance, in your article about compression – Cracking Compressors – you wrote about the main sections of the compressor, Attack, Release, Ratio and Threshold, which you come across in every article about compression. But, the difference with your article is that you wrote about how to use it, not what each part does, exposing the relationship between compression and the dynamics of sound, which made me think a lot harder about what I was doing, Listen – Imagine – Guess -Compare.

Cheers, ID – Scotland

bullet1Hey thanks mate!!!!

Success!!!! yee haa. . . I was totally blown away by the all most non existent backing track on the kids vocals. . . Oh yeh and not only that I look pretty much more professional to my clients. . . Cheers have a cold one on me Stav. . . You deserved it!!!

TC – Tauranga, NZ

bullet1Michael,  I’ve just read your article on EQ, and this time you’ve nailed me.
In the past, I felt like you discussed things that I’d discovered but had never heard anyone else talk about. Concerning EQ though, I’m the worst “sweep-it-and-see” user at those times when I used EQ at all; I’ve rarely found EQ to be satisfying. Thus, your article gave me quite a few new perspectives to consider. Thanks again,

RR – University of California Santa Barbara


bullet1My friends and I have contacted you over the last year with different questions and you have always answered with enthusiasm. Your articles are always the same, informative and encouraging. Your article on compression is enlarged and glued to my wall. Your article on EQ in the last issue was great also! Regards,

AM – Albany, Western Australia

bullet1Hi Michael,  I just wanted to say that I think you are Brilliant!!! I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

CC, Sydney Australia

bullet1Your tutorials are great.
There’s something in them for everyone, whether they’re running Abbey Road studios or dabbling with DAWs like me.

Cheers, GH – Bunbury, WA

bullet1Hi Mike,  I was reading your article on The Art Of Mixing, and I think it is the most useful and direct bit of knowledge I’ve learned about the areas you wrote on, and was ecstatic when I saw your email address.

KB – Newcastle

bullet1Hi Stav,  I particularly like the way you stress the aesthetic aspect of sound production. I like to understand the technical stuff but in the end it’s the sound that matters, hey. It’s nice to hear someone approach the subject from an artistic point of view. I work in the computer industry and man don’t we get sick of some of the techno stuff!
I look forward to your book.

MQ – Charlestown, NSW

bullet1Read your new article, re reverse mixing,

If you were to print a reverse version to another machine with those EQ’s etc. then you could mix it forwards with all the benefits of the reverse trick. Do you run compression on it when you run it backward? If you did then it would totally change what your compression would sound like, you would have no attack time on the compression. That in itself would make it punchy wouldn’t it?
Great to see someone still has some crazy ideas going on! Cheers,

DR – Australia

bullet1G’day Stav,  Hey, I had a problem with a mix the other day and I couldn’t see any way around it, then I thought “Time Machine”. And it worked, I just adjusted the volume in the right place and everything just seemed to plop back in to place. This is just an amazing observation. Thanks for the benefit of your experience. So there you go! I am posting a cheque for a T shirt tomorrow.Incidentally, I found another place in a different song where the time machine concept worked. This is a hard concept to grasp, but once you have it, it’s great. Many thanks for that little gem.

MQ – Charlestown, NSW

bullet1I managed to get hold of your back issues from AudioTechnology, more pearls of wisdom. The separating of the left brain and right brain tasks, in the art of mixing article was mind blowing, LOL.

ID – Musselburgh, Scotland

bullet1Hello Stav..  let me say I have absolutely loved your column in AudioTechnology since the very first one! You talk a lot of sense, and for a junior engineer like myself, your tips have proven invaluable in the studio. I particularly liked your mixing series, and it’s logical approach to mixing. I am a dance music producer mainly, but have recently been asked to mix, produce, program, and be a general ‘studio slut’ on other peoples various projects!
Cheers, and keep those articles coming mate..

IG – Melbourne

bullet1Hi Michael,

I love reading your articles in AudioTechnology magazine. You seem to have a unique way of addressing particular audio issues. I seem to remember reading mention of a forthcoming book compiling your thoughts. I would love to get my hands on it.

GM – Melbourne, VIC

bullet1Just for the record,

I’ve experimented with riding the input pot on my valve pre and I’m now getting the valves working on the quiet vocal sections as well as the louder areas! I love that soft, sweet valve distortion! My loud singer is coming back for some harmonies, so I’m now well prepared for her! Respect and regards!

AM – Albany, Western Australia


I just received the back order of AudioTechnology with your “Electric Guitar Magic” article in it.
Your techniques have improved my recorded guitar tone by 200%! Just sticking the mic where it “should” go obviously didn’t work for me, but your technique certainly did. Can’t wait for the book.
Many thanks,

CB – Melbourne, SA

bullet1Dear Stav,

I just wanted to let you know just how much your article Stav’s Word in AudioTechnology magazine has facilitated my growth as a recording artist (this last year in particular). I am currently a student at Griffith University’s Bachelor of Popular Music course and consider myself a producer/ recordist/mixer/songwriter. I have trailed your techniques (in particular the ‘chasing the flame’ and mixing) and must say that the results have displayed an amazing improvement in the quality of my work. I now find myself no longer lost in a sea of second hand learnt-by-rote or (on the other hand) random possibilities. The brilliance of your articles is that they help me to(as they say)come out of my head and back to my senses. I can now spend more of my mind’s processing power on actual ‘creativity’, swimming through the sea of possibilities rather than drowning. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

Regards, MH – Brisbane

bullet1Hi Mike

Where do i sign?
If the price is $100. for the book I’ll pay.
Anything that guides me to make informed decisions is a major asset to me. It saves me time and money and frees me up to be creative and not become drained fixing problems. Trying to understand how things work.
Having looked at the index of your book I see it contains exactly what I need. A broad base of somebody’s experience to draw upon. Like a road map. Ill pay for that.

Regards, JB – South Australia

bullet1Hi Stav,

Just wanted to say that I really get a lot out your articles. They have certainly helped me improve in every area of recording/mixing.

DM – Studio Manager – Hendon, S.A

bullet1Dear Mike,

Man, that chapter (on gravity and its effect on music) has changed my life!
WOW! What a Revelation.
Once again deceptively simple.

Cheers, MH – Brisbane

bullet1Your tutorials are great.

Thanks again for sharing your secrets in a world that seems so full of selfish people who are only in it for themselves. and if someday I ever do meet you in person, rest assured, the beers will be on me!!!

Regards, MV – Jervis Bay, NSW

bullet1I’ve been reading – a lot of your book is a little beyond me (pink noise generators and all, gain structure…) but the basic approach to mixing is really stimulatingand really corresponds much more closely to how my mind works than most of the standard approaches I’ve read about/tried.

I’m not an engineer I’m a musician forced to mix his own work and not very confident about it, but your book makes me feel I WILL understand how to use EQ, compression and reverb one day. It made me think that the problems I’ve
had with mixes – especially with EQ – are mostly because my ears are actually pretty good and I know intuitively that all that sweeping is not good for them and doesn’t reflect how they actually work. Most of all you suggest the whole thing is about groove, and if compression, delay, verb are all about groove then I am no longer afraid.. the rest is all about music and joy and I know I’m down with all that… well, I haven’t done any mixing since I read the book but
I already KNOW that I’ve already improved, because my idea is a better one than it was a week ago. so thanks – Your book seemed expensive when I bought it – it seems pretty cheap now.

RS – Manchester England

bullet1Your book has been invaluable.The book is on the desk and will never stray far!
Thanks Stav. Best Regards,

SJ – ACT Australia

bullet1Hi stav,

I’ve now read ‘mixing with your mind’ twice now, and looking forward to the third pass…congratulations, on a wonderful piece of work…
Thanks again Stav for a great read…truly the bible of sound.

PH – Vancouver, Canada


Received the book,
unwrapped the book, and I am already thoroughly wrapt in it.Thanks again, for now… though early impressions are that my debt of gratitude will grow much beyond that, and continue much beyond the end of the chapters.
Already I am finding it profoundly inspirational.

AM – Bellevue Hill, NSW

bullet1Hi Stav,

Book arrived today. Thanks man!
Pennies dropping all over the place… Well done!

DW – Glass House Mountains, QLD

bullet1Your book is amazing

BN – Mount Gravatt, Queensland

bullet1Hi Stav,

It’s a brilliant book, and one that I’ll be referring to a lot! You’ve covered so much. The sections on speaker placement should come in quite handy later in the year when my new house is built.

GT – Harbord, NSW


It finally made it! and a very nice piece of work it is too.
I’m already up to Chapter 5!

AI – Gold Coast, Queensland

bullet1Hey Stav,

Got your book and honestly, I cant say enough about it. Thanks for taking the time and having the respect for the little guys to write it. I think it’ll take a couple of reads as some of the theories are quite ‘left of centre’ to what I’m used to. But that’s what I like, pushing the boundaries. There are no rules! Hey also you know on the last page ‘why sleep, when you can mix’, what’s the illustration? Signature or what? I really like it? Anyway thanks again for the book…….hope you see my name out there soon!

JS – Albert Park, Victoria

bullet1Greetings Mike,

Thank you for offering some of your inner trade secrets in your current book. Thanks

PC – Brunswick, Vic


I have received your book. Even though I have not quite finished the first reading yet, I just wanted to tell you that it is a truly inspirational book. It is in a league of its own.

There are so many concepts in the book that address my biggest struggles:
Locating the sweet spot for mic placement, what to listen for as I adjust an instrument’s level, how to methodically adjust a compressor, the rhythmic effect of reverb, the best sequence for mixing, and on and on.

I have read many books which provide good technical information, but few give me much help in explaining the essence of what I should really focus on during the different stages of mixing.

Your book is packed with revealing insights that lead me to say over and over “Alright, now I understand what I should be aiming for when I do that.”

Almost every page has some jewel, and I wonder over and over “Why have I never heard this before? It is so clear!”

Truly inspirational. Thanks so much,


bullet1Hi Michael,

I’d just like to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your book, It totally engrossed me and quite dramatically shifted the way in which I mix. I recalled an old session and remixed it after reading your book and the differences were night and day between the 2 sessions, I have finally got compressors working in time!, the track has space, energy and dynamics without the meters dancing too much! – an epiphany. Thanks a whole bunch!

SN – Sydney NSW

bullet1Hi Mike,

I absolutely love it. Been on go-sees today and
I have been carrying it around with me where ever I go.I just love the visual way you descibe things, I’m sure loads of electronic producers would too.

AM – Chippendale, NSW

bullet1Hey Stav,

The book is fantastic, it has really inspired me to do better with my recording, and mixing. There are so many things I have learned that have asspired me to do better… anything I can help with don’t hesitate to ask.

SB – South yarra, Victoria

bullet1Hi Stav,

I am one of those backroom boys obsessed with sounds… I’d just like to say thank you for writing your book, and for all the columns in AudioTechnology. The information and techniques have been invaluable. It has made me think a lot more in mixing and recording, and the results have shown. I particularly enjoy the almost spiritual take on mixing, and the way you explain everything in a manner that is easily understood but goes deeply into the art of mixing.

It is by far the best book I have ever read on the art. The compressor combination lock was a lifesaver, and listening to the other tracks while altering one is good sense, and once I realised this from reading your book, it made my “job” (too much fun to be a job) much more fun.

I think it would be excellent if you could find your way to our school… you would probably sell a few books!
yours sincerely,

TL – Sydney Australia

bullet1Hi Mike,

I used a few of your drum techniques recording an average client this week & I was shocked I never realised it before, snare was fat & the toms were in my face! I had so much more control! Thanks, thanks, thanks, there is sooooo much more to experiment with 🙂


bullet1I’m just about 2 mix a major body of work, and look forward to utilising some of Stav’s groundbreaking insights! Thanks 4 all your great work mate! It’s efforts like yours that may put an end 2 mediocrity,or at least remove the excuse for such…


bullet1I spent $8000 (of my own hard earned money) on a audio engineering diploma.

Sure I learnt what was what, how things worked and why, also I had access to studio equipment that a student could never afford unless they had had a large piggy bank. After reading your book I realize I should have payed you $8000 for it.

What I learnt in a day of reading your book I didn’t learn in 12 months in a school dedicated to audio engineering.

Im the kind of person that learns hands on rather than reading it from a book. My mind just learns faster when I can see, feel and hear it. Your book was great, easy to understand and apply.

I used to record and mix by trail and error, its great to now actually have a foot hold on my mind and sound.
Anyways Stav Happy Mixing with your mind…… and thanks for a great book

TF – Qld

bullet1I really like the way you keep (oh so nicely)
pushing me away from the simple left brain answers I keep desperately grabbing for. This is fun stuff!! I really, really enjoy it.
Thanks SO much.


bullet1I’m in receipt of your fine tome.
As a neuroradiologist,
I love the AP cervical myelogram on the cover.I’ll surely recommend the book to folks here in Indiana.

KO – Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

bullet1I have to tell you that I’m thoroughly enjoying your book.

For me, it was worth the price of admission for the chapter on compressors alone!

I also enjoyed the chapter on analog v digital. My instinct, from my limited (and distant past) use of tape, has always been that parts just blend better in analog – they have softer edges. In digital you have to work harder to glue the sounds together – smooth off the sharp edges. It was good to read your explanation of why this is actually so. … at least I now have a better understanding of how to get the most out of the medium.
Thanks again and congratulations on the book, it’s top quality in every detail!

TR – Cammeray, Sydney, NSW

bullet1Well, the ms approach to the guitars is fantastic

and the collapse into mono is a very balanced sound. i recorded a dude the other day and it was so crisp, clear, with lovely warmth. I am gaining confidence each time I go in and try things, and trusting what I hear.

I am reading your book every night, I think its like my third read. each time I pick up more and more so it sticks in my brain and becomes more automatic. I for one would like to thank you again for writing this, and I am sure there would be countless others who would feel the same.

Life continues to amaze me………hope it does for you too…


bullet1! followed “Stav Approved ” compressor chain, and, Ohh my gosh!!!

What have I been doing. I am hack novice, but now with a bit more info I feel like I can get a sound like what I listen to on my favorite cd’s.

Well done Stav. I can’t wait to get the book. As per normal, its 2:00 am and I going to suffer even more sleep deprivation when I read your book no doubt.

dB – Heathmont, Victoria

bullet1I can’t wait. Rave reviews on the book. People say its life changing! At least in the studio!

DT – Morristown NJ

bullet1Got the book yesterday … read the section on compressors and tried out the ARRT approach – wow! I really was fumbling in the dark before … now I can hear what the changes in parameter values are doing to the sound – it’s amazing!

Hope to spend the weekend going through the book more methodically …

PS – Berkshire, UK

bullet1Love your book !!!

JR – Laval, Qc, Canada

bullet1Great book Stav!!!!!

MR- Hazelbrook, NSW

bullet1I spent the last 2 nights mixing and remixing, balancing and re-balancing!

The taught ribbon between my monitors
has totally improved my setup. Numerous techniques in the book came in handy, definately improving my mixes ten-fold. Must get the marbles/washers happenin today….The book is great, nicely printed, (love the red ribbon) although I did notice more than one typo throughout the read. Fact remains that there is always something wild and uncontrollable about music (thats what we love about it) it’s great to see that a book about engineering music can have the same qualities!!Keep up the great work, how long till the next book?? 🙂

SW – Narrabeen, NSW

bullet1Hey Stav, Sounds great – I need the book cause I am in a creative slump!

EC – Philadelphia, USA

bullet1After experimenting with distance between the speakers I seem to have found a position where I believe they sound awseome and the ribbon is uniform…

AL – Mermaid Beach QLD

bullet1Just wanted to say,
got the book today and already have read 76 pages in between feeding and changing our 2 day old baby girl…. I am on a double high and trying to work out which is the greater, the techniques that I have applied and got instant results with or the new born baby. I think they are about an even match. Considering not long ago I was thinking about chucking my dream in, not to mention the hundred and hundreds of hours in front of the computer and all the equipment,
now, I can’t wait to do my next recording gig.
Am loving the book. Good work.

DB – Heathmont, Victoria

bullet1What a fantastic book,

so very different from anything else out there on the subject. Something you want to read, and read again. It really does open your mind to a new way of thinking. Thanks for such a real, open minded and practical book.

LW – Westmeadows. VIC

bullet1No matter what the sound has improved ten fold and so has my confidence with knowing that what im hearing is closer to what is happening! So I am really grateful.

AL – Qld

bullet1Just wanted to say thanks for the book your da man…thanks…“it does turn your ears up”

MB – Brooklyn, NY USA

bullet1No matter what the sound has improved ten fold

and so has my confidence with knowing that what im hearing is closer to what is happening!

AL – Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast Qld

bullet1What a fantastic book, so very different from anything else out there … Something you want to read, and read again. It really does open your mind to a new way of thinking. Thanks for such a real, open minded and practical book.

LW – Westmeadows. VIC

bullet1Hi Stav,

Received your book in excellent condition; congrats on the presentation and care you’ve taken in form _and_ content.
And have just finished my first read through and find it very satisfying indeed – a smile here, an ah-ha! there.
Now to start the serious reading and practise, one chapter at a time.
Cheers, and thank _you_ very much. Best regards,

CK – North Island, New Zealand

bullet1Your book has shown me the way to opening up possibilities I never thought my small studio capable of.
I’d say some more nice things but the testimonials have said it all. Pax.

AS – Lawnton QLD

bullet1Hello Dan,

The book doesn’t have much in the way of studio stories. It concentrates on magic bullets to getting great sounds.< Good!!! I need all the help I can get. I’m self taught. It’s been a long, challenging, frustrating, though rewarding battle. I can hardly wait. Everyone I’ve talked to has said it’s a great book, and their tracks and mixes have improved because of it. You can tell stories in your next book. 🙂

DW – Kelseyville CA, USA

bullet1Read the book cover to cover and it has now become the “Bible” for my small (no pun intended) home studio.

Your writing style is very good at making difficult concepts and ideas easy (or maybe easier) to understand.

… you have written a very informative piece of documentation that I would highly recommend to anyone experienced in sound engineering or studying this art.

PS – Wetherill Park NSW

bullet1Got the book in the mail yesterday – thanx a heap!
Have started reading already and it’s already spinning me out.

IC – Parkwood, QLD

bullet1A quick glance at the book tells me that it is exactly as advertised and will look forward to reading it during some down time. I would also like to add, that your quick responses to e-mails and your good attitude throughout has made this a calm and stress-free transaction. Keep up the fabulous work, and I hope to do business with you in the future.

MJ – Ontario, Canada

bullet1You really should be very proud of yourself – It’s a fantastic book!

BJ – Toowoomba, QLD

bullet1I expected a delay due to the industrial action by Australia post workers.
The book arrived in perfect order and I believe it was worth waiting for. I record at home on a Roland VS1824cd as a hobby and purchased your book purely on the microphone placement article in Audio Technology.
I love the book. Well done.

GB – North Geelong, Victoria

bullet1G’day mate,

the book has arrived and i have read it cover to cover. i think im gunna read it once a month to really re-inforce the wealth of information. some sections have really opened my eyes (ears really). some jems that have already changed my methods include your compression setting stratagy and your dull mic sound/ eq brightness into the room tricks. i am however only a 1 mic, protools/ home studio (no console) so a lot of your techniques mentioned are out of my league, however the princibles behind them are useful to know and some can still be applied with a little imagination!!! ie reversing audio files in a session to work on the mixing, then replacing the reversed files with the origionals!!!

Thanks again for the great insite,

TD – Catherine Hill Bay, NSW

bullet1I’m on my second read through already. I have been mixing for fun for nearly a decade. You can’t imagine how much time you’ve saved me in just 2 days! Just the act of taking a moment to “get in the zone” and set aside the technical issues in favor of the creative mind-set has already made me (and you) look like a genius!

Thanks to Mixing With Your Mind, my guts are generating 40% better instincts!

DB – Herndon, Virginia

bullet1… have started reading it. Thanks! I appreciate your followup, and I really appreciate you putting your thoughts into such a great book!

CS, Wayne, IL, USA

bullet1Hey I got the book a few days ago, and it is excellent! well worth digging it out of australia. i’m almost done with my first reading, then i plan to go back and take serious notes to take into the studio with me. thank you for your insight.

TH – Los Angeles, California

bullet1Thanks for the email.
I actually received my copy 3 days ago, and have been using the info in Chps. 2-4(3-5??) like crazy. (tracking a punk band last 2 days and next 2 days). Man, I gotta’ tell ya’, these are some of the best tracks I’ve printed. Period. (and I’m pretty well known around here for getting good tracks to begin with.) Thanks a ton for taking the time to publish this. I know it’s a huge task, but I’m REALLY benefitting from your experience.
It was well worth any wait.

RB – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

bullet1I just received it … and it is worth every penny.

Great job!

BV – Kingston, NY USA

bullet1I am pleased to report I have received my copy of your book! Thoroughly protected, and neatly packaged… The book really is beautiful; now I know what everyone was talking about. Then I began to read… I’m in awe and amazed at your knowledge, sure… but it is the way you convey and articulate your prowess that truly inspires me. The book is such an easy read (I’ve just started the chapter on cracking compressors), yet filled with complex and profound concepts… that which is so hard to put into words… and, well, you have done such a wonderful job, Mike. Congratulations on what must be a very fulfilling accomplishment for you! Thank you for sharing your Zen-like approach to your craft; your book is very important and beneficial to me… With all the sincerity I can muster,

FA – Ceres, CA

bullet1I have already read it almost completely in the last two days…it’s an amazing book!!!…

MM – Hidalgo, Texas

bullet1I just got your book – absoluteley brilliant! And very thought provoking – I read it cover to cover the first time I picked it up. Thanks in advance and thanks again for a really great read.

JF – Perth, WA

bullet1Thank you sir!!! (not worthy not worthy not worthy)

Is it a good time to mention that you inspire and excite me in places no-one else can reach? In fact, your audio tech articles were enough to encourage me to leave the suit-a-day office job at age 30 and pursue audio engineering. not an easy choice, but it has been worth it every day since!

CS – Caulfield South, VIC

bullet1Looking forward to receiving it, heard a lot of great reviews……so fingers crossed 🙂

JC – High Wycombe, Bucks, UK


I liked the book sooo much..I’ve read a lot of sound engineering books, but they all focus on the technical aspect of it, not much on the creative aspect…great work! I am a sound engineer currently working and living in Mexico city…I used to live and work in london…at Hear No Evil studios doing mainly 5.1 work. I think this book will help me a lot. Thanks for such an excellent book..

MM – Hidalgo, Texas


You don’t need any more accolades for your book, but I’ve read it twice already – it’s the thoughful attitude I appreciate, thanks heaps.

PG – South Fremantle, WA

bullet1Many thanks to you, to have revealed all your mixing secrets in your book.

EB – Quebec Canada


I purchased your book at the launch you recently did in Brisbane. It changed my whole concept of sound! I have an engineering background and thus a very thorough understanding of all the maths behind sound, Your book has cast that knowledge in a completely new light. It has enabled me to mix and think of mixing in a completely new light. Since purchasing your book I have subscribed to AT magazine, and since then I’ve ordered every past issue in which your column appeared!! Does that make me fan ??

RP – Highway Christian Church


you are a talented man. It’s a wonderful book, full of practical, original and innovative ideas. It has produced positive results for me already and I thank you sincerely for that.

PK – Nth Parramatta, NSW Sydney


I am really looking forward to the book. I have been continually impressed by your articles in AudioTechnology which are thought provoking, provide new perspective and result in improvement to what I do in capturing and then processing audio. Especially in recording, but I have found benefits in live sound too.
Thanks for the inspirations.

JH – Yallambie, Victoria

bullet1The much anticipated book has arrived. Thank you very much. I’ve been reading your articles in Audio Technology for a long time now and I’m really pleased you’ve put all your thoiughts together into the book.

KS – Glen Iris, Vic

bullet1I am looking forward to spending some quality time with your book. I love your articles in Audio Technology. It is excellent to get someone sharing their developed and thoughout processes and techniques so clearly and inspiringly.

R – Caulfied, Victoria

bullet1Got the book a couple days ago

I’ve just read through it quick and am now starting my second reading and beginning to put some of it into practice. THANK YOU for sharing this! What a great resource. Can’t wait for my next tracking session to start finding the right piece of air and chasing the flame… Thanks! Great way of looking at things. If you ever come out with another book, just charge my card and send it over right away.

DF – Oakland, CA, USA

bullet1I just got my book today.

And all I can say is that you rule the Earth! Thank you for writing such an awesome and indispensable book. I think that anyone who is involved with recording should be forced to buy this book before they even get started in a studio. Thank You!!!

JR – Waukegan, IL USA

bullet1I’d like to say thanks to you again, for a wonderful book, that I still find pennies (treasures actually) in after reading it for several months now…thanks so much…you’ve really helped me alot…

MB – NYC, USA ( 15/06)

bullet1I love your (MY) book of closely guarded secrets, and i promised my friends to let them borrow it. Tough luck for them, they’re also audio engeneers, and my recording techniek has taken a quantem leap forward. If they wanna know MY secrets they will have to buy your book. This backroom boy is flying in the new world of air catching, and leaving no trails for competition, exept for a book THEY can buy.

PV – Holland

bullet1Well, I am still reading your book…(these things cant be rushed!!!) and I just wanted to email you to say thanks and a job well done. Your book reminds me of the single most important thing that we should all be doing and that is to use our ears and listen to what is happening. Your advise is sensible and even the more out there techniques are result producers. I have already tried many of the little tips. You know something that I never realised i already did, was this searching for the flame when looking for mic placement. I have always done it (although probably not with so much attention to the detail!)… just never had anyone describe it and actually commit it to a process until now.
Anyway, just wanted to say Hi. Regards,

NC – Adelaide, SA

bullet1Reading your (MY) book was like a date, quick shag, and a vegas marriage to air. and now we’re making butifull babys.
Stav, duizend maal dank (thouzend times thanks).
can i do someting for u ? send u someting from holland or just anything. please let me know.

PV – Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

bullet1The book is incredible!

Your way of explaining complicated phase, dynamics, level and signal quality topics is very clear and sweeps the scientific jargon out of the way.

F – Boston, Mass, USA

bullet1Love the book.

Spent the first three days in “jaw drop” mode, and I’m still chewing over in my head much of what you said (and probably will be for ages!)

DM – Duns Creek, NSW

bullet1Wow Stav.

Thank you so much. You could have charged me $300 for this volume and I’d still be back begging for Vol 2. I’ve talked quite a few crew into buying it on the vs planet site too (I’m a vs & mac user) I am now facing the difficulty of resisting the temptation to rip straight to your page in the magazine every second month, as has been my wont, so I can save it to read in the book. But what chance does a hopelessly obsessed gearhead like me have of leaving his favourite guru’s words unread so that he may reserve the pleasure of one day peeling them off a nicer paper stock? Please hand the column over to someone else I can learn from and quit the mag so you can write books faster.
your ever grateful disciple,

GB – Fountain Gate, Victoria

bullet1Hi Mike!

I got home from work tonight and found a box in the mail…after working my way through the incredibly durable tape used to pasten the cardboard wrapper together, I found the book you sent inside. Thank you! It was a very unexpected gift! I’ve read only the first four chapters, and it is difficult to put down. After working around electrical engineers all day, it is refreshing to come home and to read something explaining the consequences of signal and acoustic decisions in non-technical terms. I’ve met some semi-pro recording engineers at local music stores and I was amazed at how little they know about capturing or combining sound. Most are happy just to get the signal on tape (or on disk) without too many extraneous souds, too much in-channel noise, or distortion.
Your book lets budding engineers understand the difference between technical adequacy and artistic pursuit.
Again thank you for sending the book to me!

FS – Boston Mass

bullet1Thanks very much :), only read the first few chapters, but them pennies have started dropping already!! Nice 1

JC – Wycombe, Bucks, UK

bullet1… it is a book about magic – very useful and very inspiring. Not exactly for beginners but I would heartily recommend it if you are interested in creativity. For me it was exactly right.


bullet1Stav,recieved book…am devouring it as we speak, thanks very much!


bullet1Received and read the first of many times.

I have been trying out quite a few things at both live productions and recording sessions. Put simply, I have been mightily impressed by the results. … Your book is the best bang for my bucks I’ve had in a long time!

JH – Yallambie, Victoria


I have been a fan of yours since Richard Lush first told me about you recording a string section using umbrellas.
I have read all your articles in AudioTechnology, which have obviously been reworked and expanded upon in your book.
I have to say this is one very inspiring piece of work, and something that almost never comes along, since great engineers are either too busy to write books, or don’t want to share their knowledge. Inspiration, creativity, theory and practical exercises make this a book that has ascended into the annals of greatness.

NF – Sydney

bullet1It’s never easy to ‘WRITE’ about ‘SOUND’ : but you have a way of explaining things in your book I never saw before : intuitive, no-nonsense, illustrated… It will bother some (who prefer measurements, curves, numbers, ratios…), it will appeal to many others! Cheers,

FE – France

bullet1IT’S ARRIVED!

Many, many thanks! The book was delivered on Saturday and has been read through once already – I can see myself spending a lot of time with this little gem! The advice on setting compressors alone has significantly improved my life! :o)
Thank you once again!

JC – East Sussex, UK

bullet1p.s by the way the book rocks! toatally inspiring

CW – Sydney NSW

bullet1your book rocks it was everything I expected and then some. . .
I still glean it for idea’s now. . .

T – NZ

bullet1I am so excited about sinking my teeth into this book.

I have been making some strong progress with my productions, and my clients have been stoked, but I am really looking forward to taking my engineering and mixing skills to the next level.
This will be the shot in the arm!!! “Chasing the Flame” as detailed in your AT MAg article has enabled me to capture a vocal sound from a very picky vocalist (very good too) that he said was just “F*&^&^n Gorgeous” – high praise if you knew the guy.
I put it down to placement (which I put down to reading your article) I view it like I am paying for that one piece of advice from your column, and the book is a free bonus.
Many thanks, and I will be sure and drop you a line in a few months, and let you know how I’m getting on!!!
All the best,

GD – Wellington, New Zealand

bullet1I got the book today and I´m very happy to have it. I´ll read it carefully and certainly will recomend it to others music rofessionals here in Brazil. Best regards

EA – Brazil

bullet1Hi Michael,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how your book has transformed the music i’m writing. The type of music i’m writing is heavily electronic and relies upon immaculate production. Your book has opened my mind to not only the mixing stage but also the composition stage. A great many sections of the book resonated with me and it felt as though finally after 10 years of writing electronic music that someone had explained all the crucial aspects of production in just the right words. The book has tied together all the disparate snipets of music tehcnology knowledge I have assimilated over the years and has made me aware of the musical significance of everything in the studio.

ES – Hammersmith, London
p.s. I have been extolling the virtues of your book to anyone and everyone I know.

bullet1Hi Mike,

I recently purchased MWYM via the website and all I can say is WOW. You have certainly mixed and messed with my mind.
I currently have a better than average project studio – mostly valve driven and mastering to digital HDD – which is used primarily to record my Band although I do a fair degree of outside work as well. Since acquiring your book and digesting it thoroughly over and over again I feel that the results coming out of my studio have improved thousands of times over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us all the secrets that you have built up over your lifetime.

AF – Rosebery, Tasmania

bullet1I read your article every month. Though i don t understand it all the time i have found some amazing resultsfrom your techniques. Once i found the tip of the flame i couldn’t do it any other way. Cheers Mike

JG – Scarborough, WA

bullet1Onto a more rewarding topic, your book arrived last Saturday. I’ve been enjoying both your writing style and your knowledge.Thanks to your suggestions, I’ve reworked my monitor position in my 1-room home studio. While the technology may be old (JBL 4311a powered by BGW), I’ve found an arrangement for mixing that lets me hear the “ghosts” much more clearly than before. I also tried leveling the tracks prior to any mixing. While my console does not have trims, I did this by positioning the faders. I was amazed at how close to a proper balance this gave me right from the start!

GH – Howell, Michigan USA

bullet1I’ve read your book twice. I was actually quite surprised at the number of things in there that were new to me. I found it quite informative and can’t wait to apply some of it to the session I’m working on now. Thanks,

GLS – Berkeley, CA USA

bullet1Got the book, &… Just changing the way I think about sound and using the techniques has improved my work significantly. Thanks heaps!!


bullet1Your book has come at just the right time when I was feeling sort of discouraged and apathetic about where I am in my career. Not that I’m in a bad situatioan at all (it’s really quite nice) but that I wasn’t growing or being challenged and I was feeling like I just needed more gear in order to progress and improve.
Well, I read your book and decided to apply as much of your techniques as I could to my last album mix and I must say that I had the time of my life. With no new gear, I suddenly had a whole new perspective and the resulting mix is something that I’m very proud of even after doing this for over twenty years. Thankyou!

CH – Chief Engineer, IMS, Mobile Alabama, USA

bullet1…your article in AT is one of the only intelligent (thinking outside the box and yet technical) read I find in almost any magazine worldwide.

PW – Bundamba, QLD

bullet1It’s an incredibly useful and informative book written from a very fresh, unusual and creative perspective. You’ve really managed to crystallize what many engineers do by instinct or stumble across by accident after years of hit & miss. Despite many, many years’ experience in the business, I learned quite a lot from your book. The section on speaker placement was invaluable – it helped ease some of the sonic nightmares mentioned above and tame some of the unfamiliar rooms I was forced to work in recently. I loved the concepts of “Chasing The Flame” and “The Right Piece Of Air”. They gave me a new way of looking at things sonically. All in all, there’s a lot of great stuff in there. I’m not sure if every engineer or aspiring engineer is ready for this book though.

MR – Trinidad

bullet1I just had to tell you that I finally got a chance to try your drum miking techniques. I got the absolute best sounding drum recording I have ever achieved. Thank you again for everything.

JR – Stone Groove Studios, Waukegan, IL USA

bullet1As they say in America… Woohoo!

Thanks Stav. I’ve been following your series of articles in AT for a few years now and am usually impressed. Add me to the list of ‘neverbeens’ who’s work will improve thanks to your sharing. Regards,

PM – Mornington, Victoria

bullet1I got your book, it’s great I read it in two days and I have already used loads of the info to amazing effect. Thankyou.

SM – Yorkshire, England

bullet1When it comes to a book like yours, some people devour the book in a few hours. Me, I know there will only be a first time that I read it so i try not to rush it. I feel it’s a sin to just read the whole book in a night. I read ages ago “the Ol’ equilateral triangle positioning of the speakers is optimal. I hate how shit like that Circulates and becomes the expected norm. I love what you said about setting up speakers. …just finished the Drum section – I am so impressed.

I was looking for a bookmark and then I realised you have a better alternative in built with the book. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. All the best mate.

Each Chapter is worth the price of the whole book.

DB – QuinnsRocks, Perth WA

bullet1I’m absolutely tickled, Stav.

The room sounds so much better this way.

I was amazed at the process when doing the ribbon. Put the speakers too close together and it just sounds weird. All the stuff that would normally be panned wide kinda gets lost and the middle of the mix gets sort of really pointy. And when you go too wide you hear the two speakers but the ghost sort of goes away.

But get it right….hmmmm…yummy.

Switching the room end to end and getting the ribbon right has had another really strange side effect, Stav.

I used to have six bass traps at the end where my mix position now sits. When it was at the “back” of the room, I used to get a really bad bass bloom there. Now, with the room swapped, I can move from the mix position to the back of the room and there is very little difference.

I’ve got at least four bass traps I don’t need!

DM – Duns Creek NSW

bullet1I’ve been doing a lot of mixing on communal mixing sites and all of your information has been gold in keeping me out of most of the traps I keep seeing people fall into. The last mix I did, was helped along specifically by your tips: turning spill into ambience, starting with the overheads instead of close mic drums, delay on DI with miked Bass. I also used your double compression, compression guidelines, and a billion other methods from Mixing With Your Mind, but, the first three really seemed to help get this mix under control where it seems like a lot of others are beating their heads against the wall trying the opposite to tame things rather than using what’s there to their advantage.

As I’ve said, I still have a long way to go, but, you’ve firmly pointed me in the best direction to avoid a lot of crap.

Please do write another book…

Thank you again just for being who you are!

JL – Miramar, Florida, USA

bullet1The book is here and it’s awesome!

I’ll never listen to the compressor the same way again!!
Stav, you are the man! Many thanks,

FH – Hauts-de-seine, France

bullet1Can I just say that I’ve read the book twice (cover to cover but bits and pieces here and there over and over!!!) and it’s absolutely brilliant!! I’ve leant more from reading your book twice than I have in 6 months of scouring the internet for advice on this stuff.

The best parts for me were the real life situations you described. They seemed to put things into a much more accessable context. However, the book is amazing and, even though I know you’ve only put about .002 % of your knowledge into it I’ve learnt soooo much!!! The part on compression sorted me out so quickly! Perfect! But then so many other parts did too.

Many, many thanks again. Sooooooo worth the money!

AA – Kincumber NSW

bullet1Hi Stav,

I’ve spent much time with your book & am loving listening to the ghosts between my speakers! Many thinks,

SM – Townsville, Qld

bullet1 Just wanted to tell you that I received the book yesterday. It looks gorgeous and I started reading it right away. I think I will learn a lot of your way of thinking/mixing.

Thank you for writing this book!

Anthony F – Amsterdam


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