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(Please don't let this old website put you off. MWYM is alive & well & cov19 free.. I'd just rather be mixing then rebuild this site:) Each book was shrinkwrapped years before the virus)

Two years in the writing, 20 years in the making - Stav's book of Closely Guarded Secrets of Sound Balance Engineering. Browse through the pages, have a look and a sniff. Hope you like it. MWYM ships within 24hrs direct from the author (that's me).

Foreword by Sir George Martin

Mike Stavrou came to work with me in London at the old Air Studios in Oxford Circus - a long time ago. He was not the run of the mill sort of extrovert recording engineer that one expects in a busy studio and I was struck by his quiet and modest way of going about his tasks....

Stav's Introduction - Tour of the book.

for an idea what to expect.

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Foreword   The Art of Mixing
Introduction Your Reference CD
Setting up the studio - Keep Your Distance Doorway to Heaven
Tuning Your Loudspeakers Vocals too Hot to Handle?
Advanced Microphone Techniques
No Cans Do
That Killer Drum Sound Backwards Mixing
Electric Guitar Magic The Time Machine
Piano Techniques Gravity's Effect on Music
Super Star Lead Vocal Sounds Ear Care
Cracking Compressors
Hit Record Formulae
Digital vs Analogue Why London?
Mixing & Meditation FAQs from Stav’s Private Email Collection
Glossary of Stavisms About the Author

Mixing With Your Mind is beautifully printed on archival paper, sewn for durability, and bound in hard covers with a ribbon marker for easy reference. 

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Physical Book

I'm enjoying your book. I'm so glad you don't have a digital copy as I would have bought it, and would not have been able to enjoy the lovely physical object that it is, so thanks. (I really like the built-in bookmark - so awesome!) MD - Ormiston, Qld

Research from Millward Brown and Bangor University strongly suggests that greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than the virtual and that tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain. Physical materials stimulate both sight and touch. It also concluded that physical material involves more emotional processing which is important for memory.

Digital Speak vs Analog Speak

You'll notice that throughout the book I talk as though the signal path is analog. This is intentional because digital, at its very best, merely strives to be analog. So the sooner you start thinking analog the closer you'll be to understanding audio and producing great sounds. Stav